How to peel a kiwi in 15 seconds

This video demonstrates how to peel a kiwi in 15 seconds using a spoon.

How to eliminate siphon doors with vinegar

Eliminate siphon odors with vinegar

To eliminate odors from siphons, pour a glass of vinegar, wait a few minutes, let water run and odors will be gone.

Cancel your floor choice in the elevator

Cancel your floor choice in the elevator

To cancel the floor choice in the elevator, try double pressing the selected floor while pressing the “Open doors” button.

How to cook perfectly round eggs

How to cook perfect eggs

For perfectly round fried eggs and a professional presentation, fry the eggs inside onion rings.

How to create super strong passwords

How to create strong passwords

When creating a password enter one or more accented characters to create a super strong password.

Use a can opener to open blister packs

Open blister packs with a can opener

You can open blister packs using a can opener in case there is no scissors available. It’s safer too!

Use tin foil when painting

How to paint and not make a mess

Wrap handles etc. with tin foil when painting indoors and protect them from accidental brush strokes.

How to protect furniture from pets

How to protect furniture from pets

Wrap a piece of tin foil around the specific piece of furniture to scare your pet away from it.

Drink from a jar and keep your drinks safe

Keep your drinks safe from your cat

Drink from a jar instead of a glass and never worry again about your cat getting close to it.

How to fix creaking wooden floor

Fix creaking wooden floors

Sprinkle some baby powder in the crevices of a creaking wooden floor and the creaking noises will stop.

Bulldog clips cable management

Cable management with bulldog clips

Attach a bulldog clip at the edge of your desk and use it to hold the cables you need always accessible.

Watch your back

Watch your back at the office

Place a pair of sunglasses (or any other reflective object) on your desk and you ‘ll be able to see when your boss is coming.

Protect your lunch at the office

How to protect your lunch from colleagues

Use these Anti-Theft Lunch bags to keep your hungry co-workers away from your sandwich.

How to work less

How to work less at the office

Keep piles of papers on your desk to show how busy you are and avoid getting more work assigned.

How to keep mosquitos away

How to keep mosquitoes away

If you stay in the range of a fan, mosquitoes will have a hard time biting you.

Use tinfoil to keep scissors sharp

How to sharpen scissors using tin foil

To sharpen your scissors, fold a piece of tin foil 7-8 times and use the scissors to cut it into stripes.

3 ways to clean your keyboard

Clean your keyboard efficiently

3 ways to clean your keyboard with items already on your desk. 1. Q-tips. Soak a cotton bud in alcohol and [more...]

Blu-Tack cable management

Cable management with blu-tack

Stick a strip of Blu-Tack at the edge of your desk and attach all the cables on it so they ‘re always at reach.